Drinking Water Systems


Increase your water quality and the taste of your household water.

Mission Discount helps you choose the right water treatment for your family. We join you in your concerns about what is in our tap water supply.  

We can install drinking water systems that provide your family with fresh, clean, great-tasting water so you can feel better about dealing with these concerns.


While our water softeners increase the water quality of the home, there are still contaminants that are not pure for your drinking and cooking purposes.

Hard Water in the home brings issues to deal with on a daily basis by homeowners. This includes:

  • Bacteria

  • Carbon

  • Chemicals

  • The taste of Chlorine and its odor

  • Turbidity, which is the water's cloudiness

  • Sediment, which are particles in the water

  • Lead

  • Sulphur

  • Health related issues possibly increased or negatively effected by hard water

Options Homeowners Choose

Homeowners typically pursue one of two ways to deal with hard water use:

They buy bottled water from stores.

They filter and treat the water inside the home.

Benefits of bottled water or filtering have more to do with convenience, cost and environment.

Bottled Vs. Tap Water

Let's explore what is safer.

Look at the research.  The National Research Defense Council (NRDC) held a 4 year review of the bottled water industry and the safety standards that govern it. This included independent testing of over 1,000 bottles of water to compare with national tap water rule of water.  Their conclusion was that there is no assurance that bottled water is any cleaner or safer than tap water.

Even worse, an estimated 25% or more of bottled water is really just tap water in a bottle. Sometimes further treated, sometimes not.

To ensure that your bottled water is safe, check to see that the product is independently certified.  National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International is a not for profit, non governmental organization that provides product certification and safety audits for the food and water industries.  Look for the NSF mark on the label or visit www.nsf.org to verify the certification of your favorite brands of bottled water.

Should tap water be filtered or treated?

The short answer is yes. Given tap water's contaminants and the low benefits of bottled water, filtering and treating your tap water makes sense.  This is the better option to promote safe, clean water for your entire household. 

Our Drinking Systems Help You Stop Losing Money

If you take an average bottled water cost of a single 20oz bottle of water on the market today of $1.50 - that would be enough to pay for about 1,000 gallons of municipal water charges. This equates to about 13 years of a new bottled water bought daily. 

Let's say you drink the average recommended 8 glasses of water out of your tap per day. That means you would spend about .49 cents per year to drink your tap water.

But, if you purchased bottled waters, that would be about $1400 per year - 2900 more times the amount that you spend to replace tap water.

So think of the savings long-term with filtration.

Protect the Environment!

Plastic water bottles are bad for the environment- they are showing up in our oceans, and remaining in landfills, and are causing a mess of problems because they do not disintegrate well. At an average yearly use by Americans of 50 billion plastic water bottles - 40 billion of these bottles ended up in landfills according to http://www.fastcompany.com.

Some persons recycle their bottles - yet the reports are that nearly 90% of water bottles used are not recycled. So, why add to the landfill problem of plastic bottles that take thousands of years to decompose - according to treehugger.com

On top of that, according to The Week, it takes an excess of 17million barrels of crude oil each ear in the United States to produce 29 billion plastic bottles manufactured yearly.

At a ratio of 37,800 18-wheelers to deliver and distribute bottled water, that is a lot of carbon emission devoted to water bottles too. (www.fastcompany.com)

Are we each doing our part to protect the environment?

Vertext Iso Twist Reverse Osmosis Filter
Vertext IsoTwist Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System
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